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Uganda Mount Elgon 12oz

Uganda Mount Elgon 12oz

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From Uganda’s Kapchorwa district, on the eastern border of neighboring Kenya, comes this high grown lot of washed, 100% shade canopy, mixed varietal, arabica. This coffee is grown by a group of small farm holders within the region. These farmers share access to a wealth of growing and processing resources including four greenhouses, an arabica nursery for adolescent saplings, and a washing station with eco-pulping capabilities. Banana trees grow alongside the coffee, contributing to the 100% natural shade canopy. Almost a thousand individual farmers contribute to the overall lot. Each manages their own 1.0 hectare farm and is responsible for the production of about 1,000 arabica trees.

USDA organic, fair trade, Rain forest Alliance certified.

Tasting notes of almond and Brazil nut, with a velvety mouth feel.

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